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Welcome to PCEA Chogoria hospital website

PCEA Chogoria hospital is situated on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya, 200 km from Nairobi, in Maara district.The Hospital was established in 1922 by Scottish missionaries.It is currently owned and managed by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.





Clive Irvine College of Nursing

The hospital also hosts the famous Clive Irvine College of Nursing.

The college has seen many of the world class nurses from Kenya pass through it. The Course takes 3½ years to complete.



Comprehensive Care ClinicDiabetic Clinic
Run by a team of Medical Personnel, all dedicated in the management of diabetes for best Controls. Specialized services  are offered on every Wednesday.

Physiotherapy Unit
People of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accidents or ageing are treated through manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and application of electro physical modalities

Eye Clinic
Attends to all types of eye problems including assessment  and provision of glasses. The services include: Normal eyes, Cataract, Pseudophakia, Glaucoma, Strabismus/Amblyopia, Presbyopia, Refractive errors, Active trachoma, Inactive trachoma, Corneal Scars, Purulent Conjuctivitis, Allergic Conjuctivitis, Other Conjuctivitis e.g. Chemical, Viral, Optheumia Neonatorum, Corneal/Conjuctival foreign body, Corneal ulcers, Kevatitis, Xerophamia, Optic Atrophy (No Glaucoma), Optic Neuritis, Diabetic Retinopathy, Hypertensive Retinopathy, Macular Diseases, Injury, Uveitis, Chalazion/style, Conjuctival growths, Retinoblastoma, Herpes Zoster opthalmicus, Others.